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Anonymous said: Thanks for your advice, we've been together a few months now and its starting to make me feel like im not good enough as hes the first person I've ever been with sexually. Im very scared about trying new things incase i disappoint and as i have an anxiety disorder it makes things a lot harder for me. Do you have any advice for how i can relax a bot more?

Just take things slow. Dont do anything you’re not ready for. If you want to try new things make sure you tell him how it is, if it hurts or is u comfort ale and don’t feel afraid to tell him too stop. Sex is great, if both people enjoy it, so just make sure you’re ready. Trying new positions is always fun. Or you could each masturbate together and see how you each please each other and teach each other. Just have fun

Anonymous said: Doea it mean that im not pleasuring him or he doesn't fine me attractive?

No not at all. Communication is very important when it comes to sex and foreplay so just ask him, he might just want to make it last because you’re please him so much ;p

Anonymous said: Why is it difficult to make some guys come when they can do it to themselves so easily?

I don’t know how many times you guys have done stuff. But often if the guys nervous and shy it can take awhile. When he does it himself he probably feels a lot more comfortable and so it’s easier. Or he just knows how to make himself cum quick in which case you should ask him what he likes and what makes him cum (sorry I’m really not good at advice)

Anonymous said: Do you mind people asking you for sex advice?

Not at all

Anonymous said: What do you think about kissing after oral? X

I think it’s hot! Me and merry kiss after I go down on her or she goes down on me. I don’t understand why guys wouldn’t kiss after having their dick sucked


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